Washington Twp Team 1922

Bowling Green Team 1922
Bowling Green School Basketball Team 1922

The Washington Township School in Bowling Green included grades 1-12. Pictured left to right are the members of the first basketball team: Eurton CAMPBELL, Mearl KAY, Fred MILLER, “Connie” KHUNS, Willis POWELL, and Radford BROWN, Captain.
Willis POWELL later became a teacher at the Bowling Green school until his retirement in the mid-1960’s. (Editor’s note: Mr. POWELL taught two generations of my family. My father, Merle CRAFTON, had Mr. POWELL for his eighth grade teacher and baseball coach in the mid 1920’s. Mr. POWELL was also my (Patricia WILKINSON) eighth grade teacher in 1960-61 and my brother’s, Thomas CRAFTON, teacher in 1965-66.

Clay County Indiana