Publications For Sale

Our Society has books and indexes available for purchase that have
been compiled or reprinted and published by the Society. More publications are planned in the future, and if you have special interests in an item being published, please let us know. We would be glad to hear from you. Item descriptions are listed here. If you would like to purchase any of our publications please  contact the Library for up-to-date prices, shipping charges, and availability.

  • The History of the Churches of the Bowling Green Yoked Charge (Methodist & Evangelical United Brethren)

This history was written by Gordon Melton, in 1967. The book is spiral bound with 73 pages plus a complete index and photographs of many church members of 1967.

  • Lewis Township History

A reprint written by the teachers and pupils of Lewis Twp. Schools during the school year 1915 & 1916. The book is spiral bound with 109 pages plus a complete index.

  • Cemetery Records of Clay County, IN: Dick Johnson Twp.

The book is spiral bound with 81 pages of 2,400 + names. Included in Dick Johnson Twp. are these cemeteries: Archer, Bee Ridge, Carter, Greek Catholic, Old Hill, Orchard, Perth, Stunkard, St. Mary’s, Sampson & Webster. Please note: This book does not include Cottage Hill Cemetery, which is in a separate book.

  • Cemetery Records of Clay County, IN: Perry Twp.

The book is spiral bound with 21 pages and 700 entries. Included in Perry Twp. are these cemeteries: Barber, Conway-Cade, Deeter-Pleasant Grove, Furnace, Huff, Hixon, Rardin, Snoddy, Staggs, Tucker, Van Cleave, and Zion-Gummere.

  • Cemetery Records of Clay County, IN: Cass Twp.

The book is spiral bound with 36 pages and 1,293 entries. Included in Cass Twp. are these cemeteries: Anderson, Cagle, Cromwell, Dyer/Schoppel, Old Mace, Poland Chapel (former Presbyterian), Rizley and Wilkinson/Neese.

  • Cemetery Records of Clay County, IN: Posey Twp.

The Posey Twp. book does not include Summit Lawn Cemetery. It will be in a book by itself due to the size of its listing. Included in Posey Twp. are these cemeteries: Billtown, Bryan – Morgan, Carp enter/Cloverland, Clearview, Eppert, Rule, German, Vest, and Wools. The book is spiral bound with 80 pages and over 3,000 entries.

  • Cemetery Records of Clay County, IN : Jackson Twp.

The book is spiral bound with 79 pages and over 3,000 entries. Included in Jackson Twp. are these cemeteries: Neidlinger, Poplar, St. John, Stearley/Keabler, Union, Wesley Chapel and (North) Zenor. The book is spiral bound with 152 pages. Included in Harrison Twp. are these cemeteries, Cole, Duncan, Gray, Greenwell, Liechty, Maple Grove, Middlebury/Martz, Sink and Willis/Wilson, our largest township of the County.

  • Cemetery Records of Clay County, IN: Sugar Ridge Twp.

The book is spiral bound with 55 pages and 1,988 entries. Included in Sugar Ridge Twp. are these cemeteries: Ashboro, Center Point-Brown, Grimes-Gremes, and Harris-Baumunk.

  • Cemetery Records of Clay County, IN: Calcutta Cemetery in Van Buren Twp.

The book is spiral bound with 83 pages and includes the old cemetery and the new part as well in Van Buren Twp.

  • Sherfey & Kidd Funeral Records,1880-1902

There are 2,776 deaths in this book of 119 pages. Parents names are listed in the index for a total of 5,796 entries, adding an additional 33 pages in this spiral bound book.

  • Indiana Annual Register, edited by C. W. CADY and published by Samuel TURNER for the year 1846.

This book is a 8 1/2 X 11 in size, has 261 pages, spiral bound book with a firm back. “Containing the names and residences of all Judges and Clerks of Courts, Prosecuting Attorneys, Recorders, Auditors, Treasurers, Sheriffs, Jailers, Commissioners, Assessors, School Commissioners, Justices of the Peace, Notaries Public, Attorneys at Law, Ministers, Physicians, Principal Merchants, Post-Offices, Postmasters, Terms of Circuit Courts; A national Register for the year of 1846. And a great variety of General information which will be highly useful and convenient to Every Citizen.”

  • The Cory Story

The Cory Story (original printing 1973) was reprinted in 2013 by CCGSI in a wire spiral bound book. Contains over 400 pages of Cory and Perry Twp. histories and family information. This book is a wealth of information if your family has roots in Posey Twp. or even Clay County. The book was originally dedicated to the pioneer ancestors of Posey Township and contains a lot of family information. In 1987 a name index was added to the book, and it alone contains 85 pages of individual names. This is a great resource book for the whole county.

  • Pinhook to Brazil

Records the HENDRIX family ancestry from Pinhook, Ohio, to Brazil Indiana.  In the year of 1896, Eli HENDRIX employed William TRAVIS, of Clay City to help arrange all data to get it into print, but death overcame these two old friends; the boxes of original documents were left to the brother. The materials eventually ended up in the hands of Nellie DECKER HUBBARD, who published Pinhook to Brazil in 1936.    The resulting book is an interesting 222 page genealogy with an index.

  • Travis 1909 Clay County History, on CDs (two CDs in a set).

Travis History Vol. I & Vol. II, in Rich Text Format (.rft), completely searchable by most word processing programs. As a bonus, each volume has an added index! Packaged 2 disks in one case.

  • The Cory Story on CD.

See the information above for the book.

  • Clay County Map 1876

Detailed map of Clay County in 1876. Shows schools, churches and other interesting features. Map is folded and mailed in an envelope.

  • Family Group Sheets,

A package of 50 family group sheets. Contact the Library for other quantities.

  • 15 – Generation Pedigree Charts

Sold individually. Contact the Library for more details.

  • Clay County Cemeteries Map

Map size is 30″ x 22 1/2″ and comes with an index sheet. Over 100 cemeteries are located on a 1967 reprint of a Clay County Highway map. Shipped folded in a manila envelope. May be rolled and shipped in a tube.

  • The Clay County Researcher–back issues

This is an  eighteen-page quarterly newsletter published by the Society for members. Each contains historical information and pictures about Clay County people and places, Society meeting notices, and information about the publications available at the library, and most all issues contain family information or queries. The newsletters began in July 1980. (More Info and links to Indexes)

  • Family Maps of Clay County Indiana, book

A collection of historical and research maps that contain information such as patent land owners, roads, cemeteries, townships, old town maps and lots of other historical information. The book is indexed by surname and by township and includes full names.

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