Vandalia Train

First Vandalia Train

Terre Haute Gazette 1887

The train started on Saturday morning, March 4, 1852, and the ride to the city was what would be considered a tedious and tiresome one at the present time, but in those days it was a “flyer.” The train consisted of ten freight cars and one coach when it left Indianapolis. At Coatestown a carload of poultry was taken on, and at Staunton a carload of coal was coupled to the train in front of the engine and pushed in that manner to this city. The car could not be put on the rear of the train, and there were no sidetracks. Chauncy ROSE, who was then president of the road, and John D. DEPLEASE, editor of the Indianapolis Journal, were on the train. Uncle Billy BAUGH, who is still a steady and faithful employee of the company, ran the engine.

Clay County Indiana