This thriving little town was laid out on the 12th day of August 1851 and is situated in Section 16. It sprang into existence on account of the Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad and early acquired some prominence as a trading and shipping point. The plat was surveyed by William HERREN for Lewis BAILEY, proprietor, who placed the lots upon the market at once. “Sandy” WILSON was among the first to purchase real estate in the new village and erected the first house, a residence and store building combined, where SWANDA’s store now stands. He brought a small stock of goods to the place and was in business two or three years, when he closed out his store and left the village. The next were Hare HARRISON and Robert WEST, who came in about two years later. They erected a good frame building on Jefferson Street, north of the railroad, and did a good business for five years, at the end of which time the store was purchased by WHEELER and CARTER. This firm sold goods for a number of years. WHEELER afterward closed out to CARTER, who in turn disposed of the business some time later and started a store at another place. An early store was kept by Milton CARTER in a small building which stood in the northern part of the village. He kept a miscellaneous assortment of merchandise and was in business but a short time, closing out to F. GRAHAM, who succeeded him in the same building. George WHIDDEN started a store in the WHEELER and CARTER building a short time after the latter quit the village and did a thriving business for several years. Other merchants were J. & J. WARDLOW, who kept a large stock of goods; HOFFMAN & CARTER; and WHEELER, BRIDGES & Co. The first hotel was built by Jacob and Joseph FRAVELS, near the railroad, and kept first by Jackson J. VEST, who ministered to the traveling public for several years. The hotel is still standing and serves the purpose of a wareroom at the present time.

William ENSINGER and Levi BARB were the first mechanics in the village, starting blacksmith shops soon after the town was surveyed. The first cooper was Charles LYND. In the year 1863, Frederick WEISMAN engaged in the tannery business and started a yard in the northeast part of the village, which he operated until the year 1867, when he sold out and left the place. The last owner of the tannery was Joseph VEST. The first physician was Dr. WILEY; since his time, the following medical gentlemen have practiced the healing art in the village, viz.: I. H. HAWKINS, James WARDLOW, Dr. KESTER, Dr. HYATT, M . N. FOSSION, Dr. KISER, Dr. PORTER, Dr. DAVIS, J. C. MAXEY, Dr. MCCORKHILL, F. B. MCCOULLOUGH, Dr. GERSTMEYER, Dr. WESTERN, Dr. LAZEAR and Dr. E. L. LARKINS……….Pg. 222; Blanchard

Clay County Indiana