Prattville, on the Indianapolis & St. Louis Railroad, in Dick Johnson Township, founded by James M. HALBERT, in 1871. During the time of the existence of this place as a business point and station on the railroad, it was known as Lodi, the name originally intended, but as it was necessary to select a different name for the post office, the Postal Department named it Pratt, in honor of Daniel D. PRATT, then a United States Senator from Indiana. Then, to conform to the name of the post office, the town was from that time knows as Prattville. This is the only instance in the history of the county of a point’s having three distinct names for the town, the post office, and the railroad station. James M. HALBERT, the proprietor, was the first merchant and postmaster. As a town-site, post office and business point this place has been practically abandoned. Pg. 170; Travis, Vol. 1

Clay County Indiana