Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill School

We have a file cabinet drawer with information on Clay County schools. Vinegar Hill School housed the first eight grades between 1884 and 1949.

In the Vinegar Hill School file is an article from the August 27, 2001, Tribune-Star about Vinegar Hill. Included in the article are a picture of the schoolhouse and a picture of retired teacher Alma RISSLER, who was 101 years old at the time of the article. Ms. RISSLER was the only surviving teacher from Vinegar Hill School. Also included in the school file are photographs of students in 1925, 1933, and in the early 1940’s. Listed below are names of students pictured. Come to the Library to see the picture.

Vinegar Hill School Students 1934

Brown Mary Katherine (Stearley)
Buckalew Kathyrn (Teacher)
Burns Margaret
Burns Billy
Burns Harold
Dierdorf John
Heck O.J.
Heck Raymond
Heck Leo Carl
Heck Wanda
Knox Eddy
Knox Ruth Imogene
Knox Mary Katherine
Knox Carl
Lawson Martha Lee
Lawson Minnette Lee
Lawson Glenn
Lawson Betty
Lunsford Hilda (Tobert)
Lunsford Lillian (Stearley)
Lunsford Marjorie L. (Dickison)
Nelson Jim
Nelson Junior
Nelson Nellie
Sinders Naomi Josephine
Sinders Helen
Stearley Wayne
Stearley Nila Mae
West Woodrow
Williams Imogene
Williams Wilbur
Yockey Jack
Yockey Paul Wane
Yockey Harvis
Yockey Henry



Vinegar Hill School Students & Teacher 1925


Dierdorff Elmer
Dierdorff Ernestine
Dierdorff Mable
Dierdorff Everett
Dierdorff Merl
Dierdorff Mildred
Evans Ross (Teacher)
Knox Wilma
Knox Madison
Knox Freda
Knox Melvin
Knox Richard
Knust Freda


Vinegar Hill School Students Early 1940’s

Crow Ben
Deardorf June Lee
Knox Jack
Koehler Chris
Koehler Carl
Lancet Charolete
McMichael Morgan
McMichael Dorothy Jean
Nelson Lewis
Nelson Robert
Nelson Jack
Reed Wanda
Stearley James E
Stearley Gerald
Stearley Keith
Stearley Bob E.
Stearley James J
Woods Mary Lou


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