Posey School

History of Posey Township School

The following article was taken from our file of Clay County towns, schools, and churches. It was written in 1975 by Thelma WALLACE, who is deceased.

“According to the records at the Clay County Court House, Brazil, Indiana, the following dates and people are responsible for our first schools in Staunton. The official name of the school was “Posey School Township”. However, it has been better known to many people as “Posey Township School” or “Staunton High School”.

On April 5, 1859, Uriah MODESITT and Susan MODESITT & James GARNER and Rachel GARNER deeded some land to the Trustee of Posey Township, in the sum of $1.00, to be used for a school house, with the consideration when the land ceases to be used for a school house it goes back to the MODESITT’s and GARNER‘s.

On November 9, 1859, A. T. BOOR and Elizah M. BOOR deeded one-half acres of land to be used for school purposes, for the sum of $1.00, to the Trustee of Posey Township.

On June 6, 1890, Daniel TIEFEL deeded one acre of land to Posey School Township to construct a school, for the sum of $85.00, to the Trustee of Posey Township.

As the population increased it because necessary to build a larger school. In 1912, when Dr. Patrick VEACH was Trustee, a new school was built, which included grades one to twelve. The Class of 1913 was the first class to graduate in the new school, which included the following: Helen VEACH, Marie LEHNER, Ursula BILLER, Marjorie NOLTING, and Paul KOILE. Helen VEACH ANDERSON is the only living member of her class.

According to the records a special meeting of the Advisory Board of Posey Township was held on July 29, 1926, at the office of the Posey Township Trustee, William MCCULLOUGH, to determine the necessity and advisability of borrowing $6,000.00 for the purpose of construction and repair of school buildings, in the event that such an emergency was bound to exist. This was approved by the Board members, H. S. LOUDERBACK and G. W. KELLER, and the Trustee William MCCULLOUGH. The school building was remodeled and a gym was built near the school. The gym burnt in the early 1930’s.

In the early 1930’s it became necessary to build a two-room school building for the 5th and 6th grades just east of the school building. Sidney RIPPLE and Harley LAUTENSCHLAGER were the teachers. A few years later this building was remodeled and used as a band room and voting precinct.

As the population increased it became necessary to abandon the one-room and two-room school buildings located in Posey Township. Therefore, an addition was added adjoining the east side of the building that was built in 1912. This addition included some extra classrooms, cafeteria, and gym.

Several years later a new Elementary School and Band Room had been built, due to the increase in population, just east of the school house. Today there have been approximately 1500 graduates since the Class of 1913.

In 1959, Judge Robert B. STEWART appointed a committee for Reorganization of School Corporations of Clay County. The committee met on September 3, 1959, with the following members; Dallas DOWNING, Chairman of the Board; Russell LEHNER, Secretary; Federick H. NESTY, Treasurer; and Charles MCKINNEY, Loren M. STEPHANS, Joe COLLINS, Sam M. BAUMGARTNER, and Harold MCINTOSH, members. They named the Reorganization “Clay Community Schools”. Eugene WEAVER of Brazil was their attorney.”

“The present Board members John SWITZER, Dr. Ralph LLEWELLYN, Arnold PRICE, William SISSON, Gerald THOMAS, Glen WILLIAMS, and Doug FULK, and their attorney John M. BAUMUNK are in the process of building a new school which will combine Staunton, Van Buren and Brazil.

Staunton has been the birthplace of many of our teachers. Some of them who are living in Staunton at the present time are: Miss Eva VEACH, Helen ANDERSON, Freda DECOURSEY, Herman SCHEID, Clarence TROUT, David KOILE, Jack RAUBUCK, Herschel Ray DEAKINS, James BUELL, Jr., Sharon BUELL, Alan BUELL, Thomas HEADLEY, and others.

Staunton has maintained a band. Today we have a Junior Band and High School Band. Both of these bands have won many honors for their school.

Also, Staunton School has always been active in sports and has always had a baseball and basketball team. During the years they have won many trophies. James BUELL, Jr., is the coach.
For many years our graduates of Staunton High School have looked forward to the Staunton High School Alumni Banquet, which is always the Saturday night before Mother’s Day for the classes from 1913 to and including the graduating class, their guests, and all teachers.”

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