Long Loy’s Silver Mine


Traditionally, a farm suburban to Clay City lines in part over a silver mine. The last of the lone Indians to visit this locality after his tribe had vacated the territory and gone farther westward, was “Long Loy,” familiarly so known to the pioneer whites. On his return trips “Long Loy” always stopped with James PHIPPS, who then owned and occupied this land. On one of his occasional visits “Long Loy” revealed to PHIPPS that there were rich treasures of silver under his farm and that on his next succeeding visit he would show him the spot from which the silver could be reached at the depth of thirty feet. But soon thereafter “Long Loy” was gathered to his fathers and did not return. Impressed with what “Long Loy” had told him and believing that the white metal was to be found in paying quantities on his premises, PHIPPS selected a site, some years later, and made an excavation of the designated depth, but was not regarded with the finding of the coveted treasure. This land is now the property of the MOODY family, lying in the northeast corner of the crossing, one mile south of the central part of Clay City. Pg. 424; Travis, Vol. I

Clay County Indiana