MCKINLEY Inn—Oldest brick building now standing in the county—built in 1834—located on PELL farm and national Road—half mile east of Harmony, four miles east of Brazil, Section 27, Township 13, Range 6 West.
Ten O’clock Line—boundary of Harrison Purchase by Treaty with Indians at Ft. Wayne in 1809—enters County about 100 years north of National Road at Putnam-Clay County Line—passes out of County east of Carbon.
Revolutionary Soldiers—Granite Monuments to Lawrence THOMPSON and Amos KELLY in Zenor Cemetery six miles south of Brazil, half mile east of State Road 59, Section 29, Township 10, Range 6 West—monuments erected by County appropriation.
Daniel HARRIS Tree—Grown from the sapling on bank of Eel River to which Daniel HARRIS, the father of Clay County, and his Indian guide tied their canoe on their first trip to this territory in 1820. The stream has straightened its course and the channel is about ¼ of a mile away, located on Mrs. Jacob LUTHER farm, west of State Road 59, about four miles north of Clay City—Section 7, Township 10, Range 6 West.
Daniel HARRIS Grave—Stone over grave of Daniel HARRIS in BAUMUNK or HARRIS Cemetery—16 miles south of Brazil, and 5 miles north of Clay City, on State Road 59, where old tow-path crosses it near Feeder Dam—Section 6, Township 10, Range 6 West. State Road 59 now passes Cemetery on the East.)

Pioneer Memorial Cabin—Located in Forest Park, Brazil—cabin erected in 1856 by Philip FERNSEL in Sugar Ridge Township, 12 miles south of Brazil—presented to Clay County Historical Society by his children—removed in 1926, erected and dedicated in 1927.

Oldest Two-Story Brick House—built about 1840 by George GRIMES—one-mile south east of Ashboro, Section 20, Township 11, Range 6 West

Granite Drinking Fountain—Donated by W.C.T.U. of Clay County—placed in Forest Park

Civil War Cannon—two field pieces used in Civil War—placed on Brazil Court House Lawn—sent on request of Congressman Elias HOLLIDAY.

FROST Cabin—erected in 1805 in Jackson Township by a Mr. W. PAYNE—good logs trucked to Forest Park, Brazil, erected just west of FERNSEL Cabin and accepted Sunday, August 5, 1951.

Revolutionary Soldier’s Graves—Markers dedicated Sunday, May 20, for William OARD, Hill Cemetery, Brazil John YOCUM, KUMPF Farm, South State Road 59 in Posey Township

Old Hayes School—Stood on southwest corner of Hendrix St. Road and Water Works Road—Stone Memorial erected near cabins in Forest Park.

Clay County Indiana