Duncan Settlement

The Duncan Settlement or Duncan Corner
( Page 619 + Travis 1909 History of Clay County Vol. I)

“The extreme south end of Harrison township has long been popularly known as “The Duncan Settlement,” or “The Duncan Corner,” as it is, geographically, the southeast corner of the county, for the reason that it was settled and improved at a very early day by a numerous family of this name, who, half a century ago, numbered one-half the population of this territory. Isaiah DUNCAN, a native of South Carolina, born October 15, 1785…came to Indiana in 1831, to start anew and retrieve his loss, locating on a purchase made from a primitive occupant named SCRITCHFIELD, which has ever since been in possession of the family, on which now lives Obadiah DUNCAN, the youngest of a family of sixteen children. About the same time, came, also, three brothers from the Carolinas, John (DUNCAN), Joshua (DUNCAN) and Eli DUNCAN, who, for a time, lived in Clay county, but later on settled elsewhere, whose descendants are not now found here.
Isaiah DUNCAN did not come directly to Indiana on leaving Carolina, but … Soon after locating here he made a trip to Ohio for apple-seeds, from which he produced the original orchard in his territory…. A few years later on, he was joined by his nephews: George W. DUNCAN and Giles W. DUNCAN, who walked all the way through from the Carolinas, whose father, George DUNCAN, did not leave his native state. Giles W. DUNCAN afterward went to Iowa, where he died, February 6, 1879, aged 82 years. George W. DUNCAN acquired land and continued to reside in Clay county, having owned and occupied what is now known as the Trump place, on the southeast corner of which is the Duncan Cemetery, where he resided until his death, April 20, 1860, aged 42 years, 8 months and 19 days, survived by his wife, Lovina DUNCAN, who died March 7, 1877, aged 59 years, 3 months and 18 days. Of George W. DUNCAN‘s children there is but one survivor, Mrs. Mary FISCUS, who resides near the old WINTER’s place, in the border of Owen County. Patrick (DUNCAN), Frank (DUNCAN) and Benjamin DUNCAN, who reside within this territory are grand-sons, whose father, Giles W. DUNCAN, was at one time engaged in merchandising at Middle-bury, where he died thirty years ago. (Information about the DUNCAN settlement and family continues on for two pages in Travis.)

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