Perry Haviland

Shot While Struggling with a Burglar

Clay City Town Marshall, Perry HAVILAND, was shot and killed while struggling with a burglary suspect behind the CRIST Jewelry Store, a half block away from the drug store that had been burglarized. Authorities theorize the suspect was attempting to enter the jewelry store when HAVILAND surprised him.

According to the Terre Haute Tribune of 18 September 1967, “HAVILAND had worked as the Clay City night marshal for the last three years. Prior to taking the job he was mine superintendent for the Peabody Coal Co.

Sheriff Wesley FUNKHOUSER, who lived in an apartment at the rear of the CRIST store, heard a noise and a scuffle in the alley. When he went to investigate, FUNKHOUSER reportedly saw someone lying in the alley. A figure standing over the body turned to him and said, “Someone’s been hurt.”

The murder suspect, 25 year-old, James CORDER, of Patricksburg, who was paroled from the Indiana State Reformatory in May after serving part of a 2-5 year sentence for second-degree burglary, recently underwent major surgery that requires him to receive special medication from a doctor’s office or hospital regularly. Authorities believe that the Owen County parolee would be in need of medical attention within the next 48 hours. A wide-spread manhunt for him is underway. According to Clay County Sheriff Glenn VAN HORN, authorities had extended their search to include Indianapolis, Springfield, Illinois, and El Paso, Texas for CORDER, as he has sisters living in each of the cities.”

Perry HAVILAND was born the son of Charles Alexander and Lucinda J. WINKLER HAVILAND on 6 September 1894 in Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana. He married Ethel H. GASKINS on 19 August 1916 in Owen County, Indiana. He had resided in the Clay City community for over 40 years. Mr. HAVILAND is buried at the Maple Grove Cemetery northwest of Clay City, Indiana.

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