McKinley Family

The McKINLEY Family of Clay County

(Excerpt from “McKINLEY Newsletter” (3) [Aug 1995] pg. 34 +)

The following information was given to John M. McKINLEY, editor of the“McKinley Newsletter:”

“A letter dated May 19, 1955 was received from Miss Pearl FINLEY, 115 E. Kruzan Street, Brazil, Ind. She was a descendent of Wm. BELK who married Betsey BOLIN, in then Adair Co., KY on Feb. 13, 1821.”

‘The MCKINLEYs came to Clay Co., Ind., locating in Van Buren Twp. on the Old Wester Trail later surveyed as the National or Cumberland Road, now US 40. He became a noted pioneer contractor of Public Works, besides proving himself to be an expert farm manager. His bother-in-law, Wm. BELK, soon followed with his wife and two little girls and began to work for George McKINLEY. Mr. McKINLEY soon erected an extra large log house facing the National Road, which served many years as a stage-stop for traffic. Later he burned brick from the clay on his farm and built a log front of six rooms in front of the log house for Inn purposes this part still stands on the south side of US 40, ½ mile east of the town of Harmony, 3 miles east of this city (Brazil). He also made the brick and erected a two-story brick home for himself on the north side of the same roadway and a mile east of the Inn. This pioneer couple lived to be quite old and highly respected citizens. They rest side by side in the old family cemetery on the farm of R. D. PELL and now owned by Geo. W. and Grover PELL, great-grandsons of the pioneer, G. G. McKINLEY.’

‘There are many descendents of the McKINLEYS around here. I remember their daughters, Eliza Jane, Mary Ann RINGO, and Rhoda BELL HOSKINS, all of whom lived and reared families in this county. These MCKINLEY women were all black eyed, very dark haired, dignified ladies even in their old age. (This describes my mother!) In your letter you mentioned a BELLEW connection in the McKINLEY family. As a little girl, I remember the twin sisters, Matilda and Frances BELLEW who came from the south to reside with the McKINLEY’s. They were maiden ladies of middle age when they came here. Cousin Eliza J. PELL called them cousins and they outlived her. They were hard working folks and with Mrs. PELL they reared fine McKINLEYS here have a tradition that Geo. Green McKINLEY was a cousin to President McKINLEY.’ Information from Ruth BURDETTE.

“From our records:”

Children of Michael and Sarah FOUTS McKINLEY:

1- James McKINLEY b. Penn. 1792 mar. Dianna BELLEW in Wayne co. KY, Jan 29, 1815

2- Geo. Green McKINLEY mar. Barbara BELK Feb . 15, 1821

3- John McKINLEY

4- William McKINLEY

5- Elizabeth McKINLEY mar. Shelton BELLEW, prob. in Wayne Co. KY.

6- Nancy McKINLEY mar. John GASKINS in Adair Co. 1811

7- Solomon McKINLEY mar. 1- Ann CAIN, 1825 2- Sally McCLURE 1840

Children 1st wife – Michael Green McKINLEY, Charles McKINLEY, Sarah Jane McKINLEY, John McKINLEY, Jas. H. McKINLEY, and Wm. McKINLEY

Children 2nd wife – Peter and Agnes (twins) McKINLEY

This family has many descendents in this section. Helen McKINLEY, wife of {Judge} Kenton {COOPER}, belongs to this branch.

8-Peter McKINLEY mar. Jane BLANKENSHIP Apr. 1, 1830, she was the dau. of John BLANKENSHIP and Catherine McFALL. Jane BLANKENSHIP was born 2-3-1811, d. 9-12- 1902 Russell Co. KY.

Peter McKINLEY was born 3-3-1806, d. 5-10-1863, Russell Co. KY.

Children – Robertson McKINLEY b 1833 m. Mary Catherine WOOLDRIDGE

Hector McKINLEY b. 1838, m. Minerva McFARLAND 2- Mary Story

Vergil, McKINLEY b. 1835, m. Mary Jane WILLIAMS

Berry McKINLEY b. 1841 m. Lizzie PRICE 2 – Lee MEADOWS

Sarah Jane McKINLEY b. 1845 m. Wm. B. McFALL

Martha Ellen McKINLEY b. 1848 m. Marshall MARCUM 1867 (my grandparents)

Matilda McKINLEY b. 1850 m. A. E. GRANT 1876

(There is a great deal more information on McKINLEYS and their relatives in the “McKINLEY Newsletters” donated by Darlene CLARK in our Clay County Genealogy Library.)

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