Items Of Interest 1


August 2001

I used the Clay County histories, of which we are blessed to have three, to read from for the “Items of Interest” for this quarter. If there is an * before the surname, the information came from the 1909 Travis’ A History of Clay County; if there are **, the material was taken from the Clay County, Indiana history that the Historical Society published in 1984. Material not marked with asterisks came from the Blanchard 1884 History of Clay County, Indiana, unless a note says something different.

Betty HERBERT, former President

ACRE, Delana w/o Isaac MACE, she was from South Carolina and of German descent, the mother of eleven children. Page 516

ARTHUR, Elias was named along with thirty-two others who met in 1876 for the purpose of effecting an organization of the Knightsville Methodist Episcopal Church. Page 23

ASBURY, A. J. was on the charter with nine other men who organized the Clay City Lodge No. 40 A.O.U.W. on March 20, 1878. Page 202

BARNETT, Barbara w/o James P. THOMAS, coming to Indiana as early as 1811. Stopping first in Vincennes, then Spencer in Owen County before settling in Clay County where Bowling Green is now. Page 484

BENNETT, Daniel W. born 15 March 1831 in the state of New York and the 11th of thirteen children of John P. & Hannah (BARKER) BENNETT. Page 334

*BEWLEY, Matilda b. Dearborn County d/o of Silas & Susanna BEWLEY natives of Pennsylvania. She married James JACKSON; they moved to Owen County then Ripley Township, Vigo County, returned to Owen, back to Clay County where Matilda died. James then married, Adaline BEWLEY, Matilda’s sister. (Much more information given.) Page 17

**BRADSHAW, Harry and Orlean, a community minded family with their children: Dorothy, William, Mildred, John and Robert all active members of Carbon Methodist Church. Page 138

BUCKALEW, William L. born 6 June 1827 in Crawford County, Indiana. S/o of James and Mahala HOLT BUCKALEW, natives of Virginia and Tennessee and of Scotch and Welsh descent respectively. Page 533

CARR, W.E. listed with eight other teachers in the Van Buren Township school section. Page 236

CARRITHERS, James T. born 12 April 1827 in Vigo County; s/o of Thomas and Sarah (HILL) CARRITHERS. The only living one of their ten children, natives of Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Page 504

CLOSE, John T. from Bowling Green killed at Rocky Face Ridge 11 May 1864 from the 31st Regiment of the Civil War. Page 94

COOPRIDER, Margaret w/o Benjamin WHITE; mother of 9 children; came from Pennsylvania and of German descent, living in Harrison Township, Clay County. Page 442

CRABB, Letitia, w/o William MODESITT and mother of R. W. MODESITT. Her son entered the teaching profession in 1876. Page 453

CRAWFORD, America, a native of Illinois and d/o John and Margaret (CULSHAW) CRAWFORD; married 15 April 1883 to George F. WEBER. Page 415

CRICHFIELD, Margaret married Daniel GOBLE 4 Mar 1850, which union gave being to these children: Elizabeth E., Thomas I. (deceased), George Walter, James G. (deceased), Joel J. (deceased), Mary Margaret and Elijah P. Page 537

CROMWELL, Nicholas Marshall b. in Clay County 11 Feb. 1841 and is the 3rd child born to Owen D. and Huldah (RISLEY) CROMWELL both natives of Kentucky and of English and Irish extraction. Page 423

**DENTON, William h/o Sherry Aleta THOMAS. Page 320

*DEVALL, George. W. 124th Regiment Co. E. Civil War mustered in Dec 1863; mustered out 7 June 1865. Page 371

*DICK, Edward mustered into Civil War from Clay County into 21st Regiment Co. I 24 Sept. 1864; discharged 14 June 1865 with disability. Page 360

DODGE, Dr. was listed among eight other teachers who taught in an academy building that was put up at Bowling Green in 1839. Page 77

**DOUGLAS, Ruth Irene d/o Charles and Lucille (MORRIS) SNYDER married Cecil L. Douglas; they had 2 children. Page 40l

DYER, Barbara w/o Isaac ANDERSON, a native of Delaware and of Irish descent. Coming to Clay County in April 1821; locating in Cass Township. Page 514

ELLIOTT, Dorsey O. born in Nicholas County, Kentucky, 4 Aug. 1816; 7th of eight children born to William and Sarah (TURNER) ELLIOTT, natives of Maryland and Kentucky respectively.

Page 463

ELLIS, Sarah J. w/o Daniel FUNK, married 6 Aug. 1846; a native of Virginia and d/o Abraham and Sarah (CRUCHMAN) ELLIS, natives of Virginia and of German origin. Page 401

EVERHART, David b. 20 Jan. 1840 in Coshocton County, Ohio; s/o John and Judea (BARRICK) EVERHART both natives of Ohio, and of German descent. He remained with his parents until 31 years of age; he received a nice little farm of 40 acres near Clay City. Page 425

**FAGG, Cecil b. 27 Oct. 1894 s/o Freeman and Mary Ida (LIDSTER) FAGG; he married Augusta FELLING in Feb 1911. Page 203

FORD, Ann Eliza d/o John L. FORD of Putnam County, Indiana; married Benjamin F. REBERGER, a pioneer of Clay County, on 29 November 1849; nine children crowned this union. Page 473

FRISHOUR: Eva FRISHOUR married 17 Oct. 1875 to James W. MAY; Liddie FRISHOUR married 14 August 1901 to George VINZANT. (Information from Marriage Index .)

GIBNER: In 1860 Census, the name was in Harrison County, but I failed to find any mention in one of our histories.

GRAVES, James moved to Van Buren Township of Clay County during the year of 1827 from North Carolina and settled two miles northeast of Harmony on the farm at present (1884) owned by his daughter, Mrs. WILLIAMS. Page 232

GRIMES, Jonathan built the first frame house in Sugar Ridge Township near Saline City the date about 1842. George GRIMES built the first brick dwelling near Ashboro. Page 262

HAMILTON, Otho N. born 19 Feb. 1845 in Warren County, Ohio; s/o of James G. b. 13 Aug. 1820 and Louisa HAMILTON b. 15 Aug. 1826; they moved to Clay County in 1851; after one year moved to Vigo County. Page 449

HILL, David A. born 1 June 1838 in Greene County, Ohio; s/o David H. B. and Sarah (FOGWELL) HILL, natives of Pennsylvania and Maryland; of Prussian and English descent respectively. His parents moved to Allen County, Indiana, where he married 18 Aug. 1858 Rachel A. SITES. Page 538

**HINES, Paul Roger married Lucile May MILLER on 30 June 1932. Paul Roger died in heart surgery in Indianapolis 1974. Page 318

HENSHAW, ___ was listed with eight other members who organized the United Brethren Church of Center Point as early as 1843, at an old log schoolhouse which stood a short distance from the village; they worshiped nine years before building a frame church, costing $1,000. Page 271

*HOLSTON: Just below Old Hill was the ferry at the Perry HOLSTON place, where, once upon a time, by a mishap of driving onto the boat with a load of corn, Miles JESSUP lost a yoke of oxen by drowning. Page 68

HUDSON, Jacob born 12 June 1823 in Randolph County, N.C. s/o James and Margaret (LUTHER) HUDSON. Coming to Clay County in 1827; settling in Washington Twp. On 10 Feb 1849, he married Margaret (LUTHER), a native of Clay County. Page 403

*HUNTER, William d. 9 April 1899; age 50. (Information taken from the Necrology section.) Page 329

JACKSON, Samuel b. 29 June 1812 in Clermont County, Ohio, s/o Thornton and Sophia (SHORT) JACKSON; moving to Clay County in the autumn of 1836; locating in Perry Township. Page 493

KILLION, John M. was listed as one of the first to purchase a lot in the village of Harmony which was an outgrowth of the old National Road. Harmony grew slowly until the discovery of coal in the neighborhood and the building of the rolling mill and blast furnaces by the Indianapolis Coal & Iron Company in the year 1867. Page 242

LASH, Henry and family were among the early members of the Center Point Methodist Episcopal Church, organized in the year 1855; a log building was erected. Page 268

**LATTA, Joseph and Susanna had a son, John b. 11 July 1795; married Jane McCROSKY 12 July 1814; they were blessed with seven children. Page 285

LON(G)ENECKER, Susanna w/o John MOYER, both natives of Pennsylvania, and of German and Irish ancestry. Page 436

MACE, H. J. born 22 Feb. 1834 in Clay County, Cass Township. S/o Isaac and Delana (ACRE) MACE. 27 February 6 1859 he wedded Harriet S. SPIGLER, d/o Samuel and Sarah SPIGLER. Page 516

**MARTINDALE. Linda Kay d/o Wayne and Hazel MARTINDALE of Coalmont, Indiana. W/o David Estel NORRIS; they have two sons: Eric Jason & Christopher Joel. Page 347

McBRIDE, Francis M. born in Clay County 8 June 1835; s/o David and Rhoda (VEST) MCBRIDE; he was in the grocery business until 1870 when he disposed of his store, and accepted the appointment of Deputy Marshal of Brazil, and the same autumn was elected Constable of Brazil Township. (Much more info in the article.) Page 373

McKAMEY: In the local phone book, but I failed to find McKamey names listed in our histories.

**McLAUGHLIN, Fredrich Calvin and Rosemary (ROGERS) MCLAUGHLIN first 17 years of marriage in the Marine Corps from station to station and coast to coast until Fred retired as a major in 1959. Page 302

*METCALF, Hester d/o James METCALF who was of New England birth. Page 39

**MEYERS, Elizabeth married Freddie B. ROUGH, whose great-grandfather stopped to find the owner of a pig in the Eel River bottom and found his wife Minnie Mae BENCH in 1882. Page 144

MILLER, Andrew b. 3 December 1832 in Columbiana County, Ohio; s/o Henry and Sarah (MYERS) MILLER both natives of Ohio and German extraction. In 1857 moved to Mercer County, Pennsylvania; from there to Brazil, Clay County, Indiana, in 1870. Page 481

MORRIS, Hiram died at Danville, Kentucky, 10 Feb 1863 with 85th Regiment Company K. Page 118

*MORRISON, Sarah born in Glengarry, Canada, 17 March 1852 and died 7 April 1887. D/0 Donald MORRISON. She married Isaac McINTOSH 19 May 1869; they had 6 children. Page 404

MUIR, William; native of Scotland b. 9 March 1818. S/O Thomas and Margaret (THOMPSON) MUIR. William was 9 years old when he was taught the art of weaving. In 1840 he landed in America after a stormy passage of 65 days. Page 542

NEES, James M. native of Liberty, Union County, Indiana, b. 29 December 1833 s/o Col. John B. and Mary (JOHNSON) NEES. 30 September 1863 James married Elma RINGO who died 22 July 1869. Page 517

PEARLSALL, Jacob (Excerpt from the 1880 Census); a coal miner b. in New York; age 32 with wife Mary age 35 born in Illinois and Marietta, a daughter of 7 months.

PEAVY, Margaret V. w/o Frederick PEAVY; she is the d/o of William and Mary A. (WARMAN) MUIR, a native of Wayne County, Indiana. Page 542

PRICE, William L. born 27 October 1839; s/o Israel and Margaret (GORDON) PRICE. 7 March 1861 he married Emily STOOPES to which union eight children were born. Page 438

PUCKETT, Church eldest son of Joseph and Zerish (MATTOX) PUCKETT, natives of North Caroline and Tennessee respectively. His parents removed to Clay County, Indiana, and Lewis Township in 1842. Page 545

*PURDY, Bruce, an eleven-year-old boy, was struck and killed, on the 4th of August 1906 while standing under an elm tree in the yard at the residence of Pierce BOWLES, near Cloverland. Page 595

RAGAN, Jesse from Owen County took part in a wolf hunt on the 14th day of February 1848; five counties took part. Page 422

RANEY, Henry M. (From the 1880 Census) Engineer born in Indiana; age 33; wife Sarah M. born in Massachusetts; age 33.

REED, Charles W. born 13 January 1813 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He had lived in New Orleans, Mobile, Louisville, back to Ohio, Georgetown, then in October of 1859, he settled on a piece of wild land in Jackson Township, Clay County. Page 378

RILEY, Samuel Baldwin, editor and publisher of The Brazil Miner; born in Wayne County, Indiana, 19 May 1836; at eighteen he could not read; he then entered school, remained until he could teach; taught and attended school alternately until 1857 when he entered college studying law. Page 381

*ROHRIG, George was among the list of persons who were early businessmen in Knightsville, Indiana. Page 156

SANDERS, Samuel H. was a stock raiser and farmer, born in Lockport, Indiana, 9 March 1824, s/o Joseph and Eda (BROCK) SANDERS moving to Lewis Township in 1832. He married Hannah NEAL. Page 546

SEABRING, Sarah (Excerpt from the 1880 Census.) born in Pennsylvania; at age 72 she was the head of the household with Milton H., her son, born in Ohio age 32, and Elizabeth, daughter, born in Ohio age 38.

**SHONK, John Henry, born 2 October 1914; s/o John and Emma (CROFT) SHONK. He attended the East Grove one-room school to which he walked 1 ¼ miles. Page 384

SLACK, John E. born 10 October 1842; s/o William and Margery (LOWDERMILK) SLACK. His maternal great-grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier. John E. served in Company G 57th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry drafted September 1864. Page 512

SMITH, Robert born 12 March 1825 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, s/o of John and Mary A. (GORE) SMITH, the former a native of Ireland, the latter of Virginia. Page 518

STALCOP, Mary C. born 29 March 1845; d/o Wilson and Martha Stalcop, married John F. PELL by this union there were six children: Albert M., Christopher H., W. Russell, Anna R., Laura, and John F. Page 471

**STARKEY, Georgia w/o Paul Reagan who is written about in the John Henry HORTON family history beginning on page 248.

STEWART, Samuel M. born in Putnam County 19 April 1824; was the third of nine children of John and Sarah (SAMPLE) STEWART. Came to Clay County in 1831 when it was sparsely settled with nothing to see but woods, wild animals, and the log cabin in which he resided. He and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Lee, had nine children; he was an old-time Democrat. Page 530

STIGLER, Samuel came to Jackson Township during the year 1835 and entered land in Section 24. An early industry of the township was the distillery of Samuel STIGLER, erected some time prior to 1840 and kept in operation for about eight or ten years. Page 291 & 283

STUART, Jane native of Pennsylvania and of Scotch descent w/o Henry BURNS. Their son John BURNS married in Pennsylvania 28 September 1854 to Caroline (COULSON); came to Indiana 1855. Page 534

**TAGUE, Carmeileta born 11 August 1934; d/o Forrest Ephraim and Anna Amanda (GOODWIN) TAGUE of Riley; married 11 December 1954 to Don Richard REECE. Page 372

*VAN HISE, Joseph T. died age 23 August 1873 age 59. Name appears on the Necrology list Page 346

WATKINS, Edward H. born Butler County, Ohio, 6 April 1831, was the youngest son of William and Margaret Watkins, natives of Ireland. In 1852 removed to Indiana coming to Clay County in 1866 where he has one of the finest farms of 200 acres. Page 548

WHITECOTTON, Sarah w/o Robert H. PAYNE from Shelby county, Kentucky; she is a native of Tennessee, and he if from Virginia; both of English descent. Their son, Bennet, came to Indiana. Page 509

*WILES, Joseph taught school in a cabin in the southern most part of the county. WILES was Robert BAKER’s wife’s brother. Page 410

WILLIAMSON, George M. born Franklin County, Indiana, 21 February 1845; he was the seventh child born to John and Maria (JAMES) WILLIAMSON, the former, a native of Ireland and the latter of England. Page 443

WISE, John W. (Excerpt from 1900 Clay County Census.) Born in Indiana a farmer aged 26; wife, Rose, aged 21 born in Indiana. Three children: Orvel R. 3; Clifford C. 1; & Florence E. six months.

WOOLS, Edmund, Elijah WOOLS and Amos WOOLS were on the list who secured land in Posey Township prior to 1836. Page 212

YOCUM, W. F., attorney at law, Staunton, Ind., was born in Dick Johnson Township the fourth of ten children. His father, Isom YOCUM, came to this county from Kentucky in 1832. Page 458

(The above excerpts for “Items of Interest” were researched by Betty HERBERT, former President.)

Clay County Indiana