Captain Thacker

Captain THACKER is Re-Commissioned
The Brazil Times: Nov 1909

Captain H. H. THACKER, of this city, has been re-commissioned as captain in the United States Reserve Army, Medical Corps, Dental Department, and is subject to call for service in case of another war emergency.

Captain THACKER went into service as first lieutenant and was assigned to Ft. Benjamin Harrison, where he was commissioned captain during the war.

The receipt of the commission is a compliment to the ability of Dr. THACKER and the estimation of the Army department of his value to the army.

(Note from Betty HERBERT, our president: When I was a little girl, Dr. THACKER was my mother’s, Iva LITTLE, and my dentist. His upstairs office was on the south side of National Avenue in downtown Brazil. I remember that his office was filled with his collection of cut glass. I also remember when he came to our Poland school as a speaker, I was very impressed with his repeating, “If at first you do not succeed, try, try again.”)

Clay County Indiana