What Does the Surname, GROVER, Have in Common with KROWER?

When researching your ancestors, you have to be aware that there are many different spellings of surnames. There are multiple reasons for these occurrences. The following letters were often confused due to verbal miscommunication: B and P, D and T, F and P, F and V, G and K, J and Y, Sa and Z, V and B, V and W, and W and R, depending upon the accent of the person pronouncing or writing the names. Also, C and S could have become CH or SH. Double letters, such as RR or LL, could have turned into a single R or L, and vice-versa. Vowels were often changed as well. I, IE, EY, and Y were frequently interchanged as were O and OE, A and AY, and other similar vowel combinations. Often times vowels were dropped from the middle of a name or an E could have been added to or dropped from the end of a name. Therefore, GROVER could have the following alternate spellings: GROVR, GROBER, GROEBER, CROWER, KROVER, KROBER, KROEBER, KROWER, CROVER, CROBER, CROEBER, CROWERr. If you are unsure of a spelling, try saying it out loud and see if it sounds similar to the name you are researching. You may be surprised.

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