Abstract Jewels


It is amazing the wealth of information one can glean from reading abstracts. If you have the Abstract to your property, take time to read it. If you know someone who lives where one of your relatives owned property, ask if you could read their Abstract; you might just find a leaf missing from your family tree.

The following excerpts are from an Abstract of Title to Lot Numbered Nine in Indianapolis Rolling Mill Company’s Addition to the City of Brazil, in Clay County, State of Indiana.

Prepared for: Walter SUTHERLAND and Rosalie SUTHERLAND, Husband and Wife. Acknowledged: March 15, 1913; Date of Recording April 11, 1913.

It began with 40 acres of land from The United States, by the President, Andrew JACKSON to Solomon MYERS, and to his heirs. Patent. Date of Instrument: October 1, 1835;.

The following transfers are portions of the original land grant:

March 30, 1859: Warranty Deed from Solomon MYERS, Sr., and Mary MYERS, his wife, to Sarah KIRK

August 30, 1861, from William KIRK and Sarah KIRK, his wife, to Abel S. HILL.

September 23, 1861 from Priscilla EPPERSON and George M. EPPERSON, her husband, Heirs of Henrietta PINKLEY, deceased to David MYERS, one part; James MYERS, Nancy MYERS, Susan MYERS, Sarah MYERS, children of Stewart MYERS, deceased, jointly one part; Sarah KIRK, wife of William KIRK, Nancy GIRKING, wife of Jonathan GIRKING, James MYERS, William MYERS, Nathan MYERS, Solomon MYERS, each one part.

Clay County Indiana