Pensioners 1883

January 1, 1883, List of Clay County Pensioners


A complete list of Pensioners in Clay County. Below is a complete list of pensioners in Clay County, as they stood on the books January 1st, 1883. We give the names in full, the cause for which pensioned and the amount allowed per month in each case. There are many who have been pensioned since January 1st whose names do not appear:

Adams, George W., kidney, $18
Adams, John W., rheumatism, $8
Albright, James P., rupture, $10
Alley, Sarah, widow, $8
Altman, David, minor, $16
Ambrose, Daniel, wrist, $6
Ames, Calvin, head, $6
Anderson, Franklin, side, $18
Arnett, James B., dis. Spine, $6
Asbury, Albert, J., ophthal, $12
Asbury, James, side, $8
Aug, John, abdomen, $4
Baldwin, William G., eezema, $14
Barker, Mahlon, arm, $2
Barrett, John, finger, $3
Baumunk, Lewis, diarrhea, $6
Beal, Mary Ann, widow, $14
Beam, Barbara, widow, $8
Belch, William, thigh, $6
Bennett, Gilbert H., hand $3
Bishop, Isadore M., shoulder, $8
Blakely, James R., abdomen $8
Bright, William T., lung, $10
Brothers, Elijah, dis. Liver, $2
Brothers, Thomas, diarrhea, $2
Buson, Jonathan, ophthalmia, $10
Cady, Charles J., dis. Of abdomen, $6
Campbell, Francis M., diarrhea, $14
Campbell, Wm. L., dis. lungs, $4
Carpenter, John J., arm, $2
Carter, Phebe, widow 1812, $8
Caton, Rreason, diarrhea, $6
Church, Eli E. lumbago, $4
Clark, James, father, $8
Clutte, James W., knee, $4
Collin, Turner, foot, $4
Comer, Michael, leg, $4
Conder, Adam, diarrhea, $4
Conger, George M., thigh, $4
Congleton, Fergus T., dis. eyes, $4
Congleton, George W., diarrhea, $6
Conner, Elizabeth, mother, $8
Coombs, Susannah, widow 1812, $8
Cooper, Sarah A., widow, $8
Cooper, James M., diarrhea, $10
Cooprider, Eli, chest, $2
Cooprider, Elizabeth, widow 1812, $8
Coppock, Benjamin, diarrhea, $6
Craig, Robert L., loss left arm, $24
Crane, William, partial deafness, $4
Crist, Abner H,. Rheumatism, $6
Crist, Wm. T., eye, $18
Crum, Charia?, widow, $8
Currie, Hannah E., widow, $12
Dalton, Ira A., eye, $4
Daniels, Sophia W., widow 1812, $8
Davies, John, leg, $3
Davis, Samuel, rheumatism, $8
Diel, David,shoulder, $2
Dilley, James N. hip, $6
Donham, Morgan, dis. Eyes, $6
Dorothy, Francis M. knee, $8
Duncan, Samuel F., diarrhea, $18
Ealey, William, rheumatism, $12
East, Mary, widow, $8
Easter, Cynthia, mother, $8
Eaton, Silas W. hip, $4
Eckert, Joseph, arm, $6
Edington, Wm. Leg, $8
Elkin, Walter C., rheumatism, $12.75
Fender, Frederick, face, $8
Ferguson, William B., abdomen, $4
Fillstrip, John G., arm, $6
Fletcher, Susannah, mother, $8
Foreman, Henry, thigh, $6
Fortner, Samuel D., spine, $6
Francis, Joshua, diarrhea, $8
Frank, Fredrick, foot, $4
Frederick, Yockey, heart dis., $8
Fritz, Martin L., leg, $4
Fulkerson, Albert J., dis. of heart, $6
Gard, Lorenzo D., forearm, $2
Garrett, Francis M., frozen feet, $4
Gibbens, John, forearm, $4
Gilbert, Hiram, shoulder, $18
Gilbrech, Martha J. widow, $8:
Gillen, John, shoulder, $4
Givens, Wm. M., dis. Lungs, $8
Goshorn, William, dis. Heart, $8
Green, Thomas S., knee, $8
Griffith, Oliver, diarrhea, $8
Grover, Mary, widow, $8
Grover, Mary, widow,
Haddon, Eliza J., widow, $8
Hale, Levi A., dis. Heart, $8
Harmon, Samuel J., diarrhea, $8
Harper, Robert, diseased eyes, $4
Harpold, Matthew S., deafness, $2
Harris, Daniel, diarrhea, $8
Harris, Lloyd A., abdomen, $6
Harvey, Alton R., leg, $4
Hazle, William, dis. Eye, $12
Heiliger, Federick, scurvy, $8
Hendrickson, Samuel, arm, $4
Hetser, John W., eye, $3
Hicks, John A., spine, $12
Highnote, Edward, minor of, $12
Hixon, John, knee, $4
Hock, Catharine, widow 1812, $8
Hoffman, Jacob, leg, $4
Horn?, Samuel, diarrhea, $14
Huber, Samuel C., hip, $4
Hunt, Ruben, diarrhea, $4
Hyatt, Calvin, hand, $2
Hysung, Jacob C., side, $17
Jackson, William F., thumb, $8
Jeffries, Wm., spine, $5
Jenkins, Gethim, forearm, $2
Jenkins, John, lungs $12
Kauble, Silas, abdomen, $8
Kearns, Sarah, widow, $8
Keidel, George, thigh, $6
Kester, Mahlon, hand, $2
King, Albert, thigh, $7
King, James, side, $6
Kress, Hiram, thigh, $4
Kress, William R., diarrhea, $4
Lamott, Geo. W., varicocele, $4
Lankford, Henry H., arm, $8
Lansing, Albertus T., diarrhea, $4
Lawson, Martha, mother, $8
Leavitt, William, leg, $6
Lehr, John L., rheumatism, $6
Leonard, Michael,spine, $8
Little, William H., thigh, $8
Lloyd, Wm. M., arm, $8
Lucas, Jesse, dis. Spine, $4
Lucas, Pleasant A., dis. Heart, $8
Luits, John, partial deafness, $2
Marsh, Thomas, abdomen, $8
Marshall, Mary E., widow, $10
Marshall, Nelson W., dis. Eyes, $8
Maurer, Peter, rheumatism, $18
Maxwell, Joseph, minor, $12
McClure, M.V., thigh, $6
McGrew, Mary, widow 1812; $8
McKinney, Wm., lungs, $8
McManus, Emily, mothr, $8
McNamar, Henry W., dyspepsia, $6
Melton, Barbara, widow, $8
Miles, Samuel T. L., opthalmia, $8
Miller, Andrew, diarrhea, $6
Mills, Thomas E., chest, $18
Modesitt, William M., erysipelas, $12
Morgan, John T., diarrhea, $1
Moss, James T., hip, $12
Moss, John C., lost sight, $24
Nees, John H., spine, $6
Nunnemaker, Julia Ann, mother, $8
Orman, Bradford, heart disease, $6
Orman, John E., leg, $6
Oswalt, Nancy, widow, $8
Penman, arm, $6
Petree, Davis, side, $4
Petty, James H., hand, $4
Phillips, Valentine, surv. 1812, $8
Powers, Augustine, hip, $8
Powers, John, hip, $5
Pruett, Rosanna, widow, $16
Purcell, James J., minor, $12
Rector, Benj. V., rupture, $4
Rector, Charles G., leg, $6
Reed, John W., diarrhea, $4
Reeder, Cynthia, widow, $8
Reeder, John H., rheumatism, $6
Risler, John T..paralysis, $4
Roberts,Ezra,M.,hand $14
Roberts, James S., minor, $10
Roberts, Martin, dis. lungs, $8
Rogerson, Charles, dis. Lungs, $24
Rosser, Edwin A., dis. liver, $8
Rule, Mary E. widow, $8
Russell, Susan, widow, $8
Sackett, Elizabeth, widow, $10
Salts, John, thigh, $6
Sanders, Jesse, abdomen, $4
Scanlan, Bartley, breast, $8
Shepherd, Mary J., mother, $8
Sherfey, Joseph E., hip $7
Shield, Sarah M., wid. Mex. War, $8
Smead, John, diarrhea, $4
Smith, Samuel R., asthma, $4
Southerland, John, shou lder, $6
Spry, Joseph W., shoulder, $4
Stark, Abraham J., dis. Lumbar, $4
Starrett, Ezra, arm, $24
Stevens, Welthy, widow 1812; $8
Stewards, James W., hand, $14
Stoker, John M. foot, $6
Storm, Adam, dis. Of abdomen, $8
Storm, John, diarrhea, $6
Stuart, John M., abdomen, $2
Sutton, Gemima, widow, $8
Thomas, Philip, kneejoint, $8
Thornton, Wm. A., abdomen, $4
Tipton, Catherine, widow, $8
Torbet, James H., heart, $6
Tribble, John J., asthma, $6.
Tucker, Solomon, face, $2
Turner, James R., foot, $2
Turner, Lewis C., haemoptysis, $4
Turner, Wm. H., abdomen, $4
VanCleve, Eliza J., widow, $8
Veach, Oscar, shoulder, $6
Walker, James H., finger, $3
Waters, Samuel T., dis. abdomen, $8
Weaver, George W., abdomen, $8
Weber, Mary, widow, $8
West, Keziah, mother, $8
West, Rachel, widow, $8
Whipple, John J., hand, $1
White, Silas V., toes, $4
Williams, Marion, foot, $2
Williams, Thomas A., heatitis, $4
Wilson, Harrison, diarrhea, $4
Winters, Henry, epil. Fits, $10
Wolfe, William J., rheumatism, $6
Woods, William, finger, $2
Worland, William, knee, $8


Explanations of above diseases:

eezema: (eczema) rough, scaly patches on skin; waxing & waning with seasons; frequently became infected, causing scaring & permanent skin changes.

erysipelas: acute disease characterized by fever, redness and swelling of the skin. Also called St. Anthony’s fire. In frontier days a black cat with ears and a tail was rare as the pioneers believed that the blood of a black cat was the only remedy for this disease of the skin.

dyspepsia: indigestion

haemoptysis (hemoptysis): spitting up of blood

hepatitis: inflammation of the liver.

lumbago: rheumatic pains in joints

ophthalmia: any disease or disorder of the eye or immediate eyestructures; would commonly have included eye infection or cataracts, etc.

scurvy: rarely heard of today, one hundred and fifty years ago it was a deadly disease. The simple medicine was lemon or lime juice, which contains vitamin C, and sunshine. Sailors in the British navy who received lime juice to prevent scurvy were known as “limeys”

varicocele: abnormality of blood vessels; in their case associated with the vasdeferens (spematocord); could also be associated with inguiral hernias.

Clay County Indiana