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Ebenezer Ladies Aid
Ebenezer Ladies Aid

Ebenezer Ladies Aid – 1911

By Jo Ann PELL

“Rumor has it the Ladies Aid group of Ebenezer Church in Clay County has been quilting since the Civil War Days. Although the rumor can’t be documented, stated on the back of the above photo is ‘Ebenezer Ladies Aid – 1911’ showing women to have been born and raised around the time of the ‘War Between the States.’

In 1997, Vida ORME, as the oldest member and vice-president of the group at the time explained, “I’ve been a member of the church since 1922 but went to aid when . . . probably in my mother’s arms.” She also had records of the Ladies Aid meetings at the church dating back to 1904.

The old minutes, dated May through December 1904, were passed on to her by a family member and former secretary of the group. The old minutes mentioned the women’s work of the day, ‘quilting, cutting, and sewing rags.

The Ladies Aid met weekly for many years creating memorable quilts and lap robes for residents in nursing homes. They donated to other community organizations, such as the Clay County Emergency Food Pantry, and served home-cooked meals to the poll workers on Election Day.
‘We sold a friendship quilt,’ said member Betty PELL, ‘Every woman in the church was asked to design and make a block of her choice. We then collected the blocks, assembled, and quilted it before the sale.’” (Some of this information was taken from 1987 and 1997 featured articles of the Tribune-Star.)

Clay County Indiana